Resources for Passover 2011

Friends, Passover 2011 is almost upon us. Are you interested in making your seder more meaningful? Finding new

recipes this year? Getting tips on what Passover cleaning is actually necessary (and unnecessary?) Look no further:

Passover Food and Cleaning

For basic information on what’s kosher for Passover and what’s not, see:
The Conservative Movement’s guide to Passover. (This is a PDF file)

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner has a take on Passover cleaning that may surprise those who think it needs to be oppressive and all-consuming. Take a look at:

How to Clean for Pesach in One Day.

Haggadah and Supplements

There is an amazing Passover resource site, Jewish Freeware, which has recipes, haggadot that you can print or customize, audio files, seder games, and a lot more. It has resources for all ages.

Another new site  lets you generate a personalized haggadah drawing from many different movements and traditions, as well as uploading and sharing your own haggadah material. It’s available at

The Absolut Haggadah is new to me this year.

The Velveteen Rabbi has a new revision of her excellent haggadah available for download.

You can download audio of much of the Haggadah as well as most of the Shabbat prayer service at:

Uncle Eli’s Most Fun Ever Haggadah for Kids is nontraditional but a fun addendum to a seder with children.

There is a terrific set of seder learning activities at

Rabbi Barry Leff has assembled his own roundups of seder supplements this year:

Seder Supplements on Israel and Jewish Peoplehood – these are from a variety of political and apolitical perspectives.

Seder Supplements on Passover and Human Rights

For creative ritual ideas from a feminist vantage point, check out:’s Passover section.

And finally, a moving reflection on our ideal seder vs. the reality of what we can manage each year:

Other Passover Roundups and Articles.

Moment Magazine has this article.

And this year in particular, as we observe the 150’s anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning, the following two pieces have struck me as relevant reminders of what slavery actually looked like.

How Slavery Really Ended in America

Best wishes for a happy and kosher Pesach to all!

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